You don’t even know what you want.
Yeah I do. I know what I want.
No, you don’t. I can tell by looking at you
that you don’t know what you want.
Yeah, I do. I know I want pizza.
Pepperoni with double cheese,
mozzarella and cheddar.
And a large Dr. Pepper
not a lot of ice.
And I want to wake up in the morning
and not be afraid.
I want the Lost Boys in Neverland
to all find homes.
I want to wear the clothes of shadows
because they’re always in fashion.
I want to push the grass back in my yard
and find a world of teeny, weenie tiny people
who still know how to tell stories.
I want to know more than one or two people
in the whole world that really know how to listen.
I want every disease to be cured
by the laughter of children,
and I want to be a child again.
I want Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles,
and Shakira to get flabby.
I want Usher to get a potbelly.
I want a full blooded Native American woman
to be President of the United States.
I want all the spoiled kids in the world
who take their parents for granted
to take the place of the Lost Boys in Neverland.
I want all the advertisers to leave us alone.
I want to boycott noise.
I want narrow, small minded people
to be made to listen to the stories
of the teeny, weenie tiny people
so they’d realize who’s bigger.
I want all us dysfunctional people with issues
to be issued functionality.
I want the evil monkeys in the Wizard of Oz
to get out of my brain.
I want the alien in Alien
to get out of my chest.
I want televisions
to be replaced by all the old people
who went through the Great Depression.
I want all computers to be replaced
with crayons and endless butcher paper.
I want rainbows to quit frowning
I want everything square to be round.
I want reality TV to be reality.
I want all the bigots and racists
to be put in a little room
with those who commit hate crimes
against bigots and racists.
I want fat cat corporations to pay
moms who want to stay home to raise their kids
five hundred dollars a week of fun money.
I want my sermon in a pulpit to be this,
The truth of the matter,
is the truth that matters,
and everything else is bull.
So get off your butts
and help a struggling mom
get on her feet.
I want there to be a federal law that all
places of employment and schools
must have nappy time!
(and provide the blue and red mats)
And I want my pizza now
because I’m almost done
and when I’m finished
I’ll be really hungry.
And I know what I don’t want, too,
I don’t want the feet of Hobbits,
but I’d like their courage.
I don’t want to be God,
because I couldn’t handle the complaining.
(poet puts fingers in ears and goes)
La la la la la la la laaaaa laaa la la.
I want a class in school called,
“My divorced mother is dating a freak
what do I do?”
I want to be singing my favorite song
in the car and not sound like crap
when I turn the radio off.
I want a law that you don’t go to college
until you’re 25, have seen America
and have lived in another nation,
preferably third world.
I want a vintage Oldsmobile with fins
that runs on pee,
So I can drive across America
drink all the pop I want
and never have to stop!

Yeah, I know what I want.
I know exactly what I want.
I want to be right here right now with you
telling you what I want.

Now, what do you want?