Here are 30-second demo’s of Poems from:

Down in Littletown – The Poems Spoken

Disc 1: Poems from the Play

As a Sugar Maple Falls from a Tree
     On a Summer Day I Walked with Grandma Down Tomato River
     Corn Shucking Lullaby
Dust Devil
     Lament of Caliber Eliot Knox
     Rite of Passage
Stoplight Where Highway 51 and Main Meet: 1969
     The Tragedy of Magic
     Meeting Whitman
     Piney Creek
Language of Rain

Disc 2: Poems from the Story

     That No Good, No Count, Seductress Tree
Secluded Barn Surrounded by Pick-ups
     The Silver
Chocolate, Oh Chocolate * Complete Poem!
Haunted Barn in the Field
     Pulling Each Other from the Pond
     Skinny Dipping Without a License
     State Fair
The Ballad of How Some Men Become Kings
     Cowboy Poetry: the Good, the Bad, and Buddy
     First Cup of the Morning
     The Pristine Pool
The Bloom of Iris
     She Opens the Window